Training Camps

Apart from nice weather and the chance to get away to the sun, everyone has different reasons for attending a training camp. Your aims are likely to vary dependent on your level of competition and the distance you propose to race. Here are some of the benefits you're likely to gain;

Our specialisation is in filming and analysis, with both underwater and slow motion video. Spending time with you, analysing the results, is all part of the camp experience. Here's what we aim to do at the camp:

  1. Assess your swim technique and critical swim speed
  2. Practice open water swimming
  3. Video Your Run Technique including slow motion video so you can see exactly what you're doing
  4. Incorporate Drills to improve your run and swim technique to practice when you get home
  5. Set Some Achievable goals for your upcoming season.

We're there this summer and available for individual sessions or just to link up. The video on the right will give you a flavour of the islands and if you want to train or swim / cycle / run just get in touch.

Triathletes competing in all distances and at any level can benefit from a camp in Cape Verde. Here's how;

Novice & Sprint Distance

Have your swim technique analysed & learn corrective drills specific to you.

  • To improve your running technique, so you correctly and minimise your chances of being injured.
  • Kick start your cycling and learn correct techniques for cornering, descending etc.
  • Set yourself reasonable time targets for your season based on our observations.
open water swimmers

Olympic Distance

Expert analysis and practice aimed at hitting targets.

  • Setting targets that are realistic  for you.
  • Open water practice to sight and pace for best racing results.
  • Kick start your cycle at race intensity.
  • Have your running analyses to maximise speed and endurance.
  • Minimise your time through transitions.
Jonee and Alistair Brownlee

Ironman & Half Distance

Cape Verde is perfect practice for Lanzarote and Hawaii

  • Cycle into a strong headwind.....
  • Open water swim in 20 to 22 degrees.
  • Kick start your distance training.
  • Learn to run with good leg speed to save energy.
  • Set realistic goals for your races, plan to hit those goals.
triathlon runners
Clubs & Groups

Training with like minded people can really help you improve and if you already know the people it's even easier to get right into the training.

We can set up a training camp to suit your groups ability and pocket. There are many places to stay on Sal, from the Hilton Hotel to house or villa rental. That means you can go out using a package deal or taking a bespoke approach, finding the right accomodation option to suit your party.

There are even boutique hotels on the island, giving a small hotel feel with a little touch of luxury.

Individuals & Families

It's often the case that one or more members of a family are into triathlon - but not then whole family.

Why not let us set up a camp for you, where the athletes in your family can enjoy some really top training, while the rest of the family enjoys one of the best holiday destinations in the world?

Whether we are arranging a camp for an individual, family, club or group of friends we will set up each camp to the specific requirements of that athlete or group. That can include youngsters, complete beginners or even professional triathletes

Swimming - Pool and Open Water

Slow motion video of your running.

Take ride to Pedre de Lume....

.... or maybe the port of Palmeira.